Best Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop or notebook computers are recently becoming more and more a replacement for, by now, a standard desktop computer. They take over the IT market so that only the players need to insist on desktop machines.

Lower prices of notebook computers, as well as more durable hardware installed on the laptop itself, is the reason why a lot of people decide just to purchase a laptop instead of desktop computers.

It’s not simple to choose a product that has the best prices and quality ratio. This choice is usually very subjective. Today we can not say the cheapest is not right, and it should be expensive because it merely isn’t so. What you can do is define a  need for which a laptop would be used and the money that we are ready to spend. To correctly choose which laptop is for you, it is best to make a list of priorities and, from that basis, search for the laptop to buy.

Best Laptop Buying Guide

House use:-

I ‘m talking primarily about multimedia, internet surfing, office use, and the like.  Most of the laptops on the current market will meet those conditions as long as they exclude games. It would not be wrong to look at the class of notebooks that has a video output such as S-Video, DVI, HDMI (VGA is already standard, and all laptops should have it) to connect to a TV or bigger monitor.

Business use:

For this, you need more extended battery power, reliability, small size, high-quality final production.  Business-class brands such as Lenovo-IBM, Dell, Sony, etc. are proven to meet these conditions.

Playing games:-

For this, you’ll need a lot of powerful hardware in a little space. Sometimes the gaming laptop is the only choice if you don’t have conditions for a desktop computer.

Today laptops have the possibility of an upgrade so that you can increase the size of RAM or HDD I the future. It is not as easy as with desktop computers, but it can be done.

Size Of Laptop:-

The Size of the laptop is the most important factor for any user because you can’t able to upgrade it in future so you have to first decide which is screen size is perfect for you. In the market, there are lots of laptops available which comes with 11.6 inches screen size to 17.3 inches but we personally recommend you to buy 14 inches to 15.6 inches screen size laptop because it protects your eye.

Weight Of Laptop:-

When it comes to selecting a laptop for office use and you carry your laptop daily where you want then 2kg weight is good for this kinda work. So before you buy any laptop make sure it has 2kg to 2.2kg weight.

Screen Resolution:-

Screen resolution is another most essential factor that you have to consider before you make any decision about the laptop. The various laptop comes with 720p, 1080p, 1920p and etc resolution but for the better experience we recommend ed you to buy laptop who comes with 1080p resolution screen. 1080p resolution is an ideal choice for any type of laptop users such as blogger, designer, photographer, marketer and the normal user also.


If you are daily laptop user maybe you are freelancer, blogger, office worker and doing job work from home then you must buy a laptop that comes with a soft keyboard who smoothly respond according to your command and maintains your typing speed as you want.

And if you are heavy gamer and love to play games on the laptop and want to buy a laptop for gaming that makes sure it comes with a dominant arrow or WASD keys, at the end backlit keyboard is a perfect choice for who work in the low lighting room area may be in night.

Central Processing Units (CPU):-

CPU is another major thing that makes laptop powerful in terms of processing so before you select laptop to make sure your laptop has Intel core based i3, i5, or i7 version CPU, and if you have strong budget and love to play powerful heavy games that i9 is the perfect choice for you.

Random Access Memor (RAM):-

RAM is another vital aspect when it comes to buying a computer and a laptop. When it comes to a budget centric laptop such as 30000 to 40000 then 4GB RAM is the ideal choice but when you increased your budget then must consider your laptop must have 8GB,16GB of RAM. And if you are a gamer then must buy a laptop with 32GB of RAM.

Operating Systems:-

Mostly Laptops are available with Windows, IOS,  Linux OS, Chrome OS Operating system but in India people prefer Windows OS as compare to another one, the big case behind this is that easy to access and user friendly interface.

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